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Be Creative…

When most of us look at the storage space in our homes, we probably shift a few things around and clean up a bit, but that's about as far as we go! However, with a little thought and planning, great things can happen! Unlock and dust off your creative side (yes, you do have one) and combine some readily available components and fairly simple methods. The mess that currently is your closet can be dramatically transformed into a space-saving, organized and attractive area you will enjoy using, rather than just trying to forget about! Planning is key, which is where CCDS Image Design Systems can help. By following the hints and tips you will find throughout our website, plus using the FREE-to-use CCDS Image Design program, you can transform the most unruly area into a functional and pleasing space which you will be proud of!

Be Orderly…

Whether it be a linen closet, utility closet or clothing closet, take an inventory of what you have, then be ruthless about exactly what you need or want to keep. The word of the wise is that if you haven't used something for a year or so, you probably don't really need it now anyway. When planning out your space, group similar items together by categorizing them. For example, stack sheets in sets, folding them into one of the pillow cases which will keep them neatly together. Organize towels by color and size ands don't stack them too high ... plan an extra shelf if necessary. Doing simple things like this will make it so much easier to find what you are looking for.

Be flexible…

Plan and construct your shelving and hanging areas with adaptability in mind! This way, your closet and storage areas can keep pace with your changing lifestyle and requirements. For example, your child’s closets need subtle changes over the years as they grow ... an area of shelving can easily be changed to additional hanging space as your children go through their teen years to becoming young adults. A small reach-in closet in a second or third bedroom can easily adapt from it’s “day job” of being a shelving area for a small home office, to a guest room for visiting friends or family by simply removing a few shelves temporarily in favour of a couple of hanging rods. Shelves are then easily replaced when your guests leave. Better not make them too comfortable though ... they may not want to leave at all then!!

Be efficient…

Spend a little time on planning to make every part of your available space work diligently for you! Stand back and make sure you have left no spaces where you could feasibly eek out some more storage space. Even the smallest of spaces may be able to accommodate a small cleat with hooks for belts, scarfs, necklesses and/or any other small items.

Remember that the single most beneficial change you can make when remodeling your closet is to use upper and lower hanging rods (even triple hanging in a young child’s closet) anywhere that doesn’t require a long drop such as for dresses, overcoats and gowns.
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