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Above are some designs for adult closets – all created with our FREE Online Design Software

All of the above designs are samples of closets designed for adults.  As you hover over an image the design number becomes apparent and we thought it might be helpful to add a brief description of the components of the closet.

  • Closet 6 – A combination of wall-mounted panels with a floor-standing 5 drawer set to support the weight of the center section.
  • Closet 5 – An 8 ft. wide reach-in closet using floor support for the heavier drawer section – an ideal guest room or “overspill” closet.
  • Closet 4 – An approximately 5 ft. width area used for longer hanging items.  The heavy drawer section is floor supported… always a good idea!
  • Closet 3 – A roughly 7 ft. area featuring a clothes hamper, drawers, low and intermediate height hanging and plenty of shelving makes good use of the available space.
  • Closet 2 – A wall of a walk-in closet fitted with all wall-mounted cabinetry.  You can hang drawers sections on a wall but you’d better make sure the mountings are securely attached to at least 2 vertical studs.
  • Closet 1 – A central hutch gives this wall of a walk-in closet an attractive main feature.  All floor-standing cabinetry is used and images for a belt rack and tie rack have been added to complete the design.
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