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Frequently Asked Questions

Our design systems are so simple but just in case…

How does it work?

The system works by importing images of individual sections of cabinetry to a computer screen and manoevering them into position to form the required design.

How long does it take to learn how to use the design systems?

The design systems are simple in principle and the basics can be learned by practicing for only an hour or two.

Are there floor plans as well as visuals?

The free version of the online software does not have floor plans.  However, CCDS does provide downloadable software that includes floor plans in all of their systems.  For more information go to the CCDS website

Is everything hand drawn?

Essentially yes.  An electronic drawing tablet is utilized to prepare sketches and facilitate importing them into the computer.  It also greatly aids the clarity of the resulting images.

Will the Design Systems do everything a CAD program will?

No.  The software is designed to produce elevation visuals and floor plans only.  It was developed primarily as a sales aid for designers and business owners. However, we can provide costing and material lists via Excel Spreadsheets if required and offer a full customized system fearuring pricing and materials list.  For more information go to the CCDS website and also the CCDS Custom Design website.

Will the Design Systems produce price sheets?

The software does not do this automatically but we can provide you with costing sheets using Excel spreadsheets if required. We can also provide a customized system with a “Quote” page to show pricing and materials lists. Please contct us at for further information on this service or visit the CCDS Custom Design website.

Will the Design Systems produce cut sheets?

The standard software does not do this automatically but we can provide a basic materials list inexpensively via an Excel spreadsheet if required. The custom “Quote” page option can be programed to do this.

Will the system “plug into” computerized factory equipment such as CNC Routers

No.  You will need a good, industry-specific CAD system and deep pockets!!

Are  there any other systems besides the Closet Design System?

Yes.  We have downloadable design systems for Home Offices/Media Center, Garages and Pantries as well as Closets.  There are also Top-down viewpoints to compliment each of our respective systems.  You can find out more information about the downloadable software at the CCDS website.

Can the CCDS  systems be customized to suit specific requirements?

Yes, you can find out more information about our customized software at CCDS Custom Design

Are the design systems compatible with Mac?

As the design software is already online there are no compatability issues with a Mac computer.

What Image sizing options are available?

The free closet design software is sized in both metric and imperial measurements.

Are the images drawn to scale?

Yes …. they were drawn to the scale of 1/2″ to the foot. (12.5ml. to 300ml.)

How do I order?

No need to order…. it’s FREE!

What standard width sizes are used?

In the Closet  Design System there are full height sections in 18″, 24″, 30″ and 36″ widths (450ml. 600ml. 750ml. & 900ml.) Also illustrated are floor standing units in  84″ (2100ml.) panel height.  The wall mounted systems have panel heights of 48″ and 78″ (1200ml. and 2000ml.)

All images can be re-sized to show any width without losing visual scale.

Does the Free Online version contain all the images the downloadable versions  do?

No. The Free  version contains a selection of images which is enough to produce basic designs.  It contains almost 300 individual images which allows for most design scenarios.  However, the full downloadable closet design system contains many hundreds of images and allows you to depict any design scenario you are ever likely to need.

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