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Home Quick Start

small_appIt’s so easy you can learn it in your lunch hour!

The image to the right shows our application interface and an explanation of the different icons.  We have deliberately kep the interface as simple and self explanatory as possible.  We have used icons that are immediately recognizable making it easy to see what each feature does.

The User Interface and workspace

CCDS, who developed this latest online software, previously sold (and still do!) design software that you can download from their website and use offline.  This new online version is exactly the same as their downloadable version so more information on the interface and getting started can be found by doing the following:-

  • Click on the image to the right and be taken to their website System Basics page.
  • Click on the CCDS Website Link  to be taken to the CCDS website where you can view the System Basics page together with all of the design software they offer for Closets, Garages, Home Offices and Pantries.
  • View a short demo of the software by clicking the Online Demo Link  Each system, whether online or offline, works on the same principles and they come with a comprehensive “Help” file.

PLEASE NOTE: You may get a warning from your browser or anti-virus software cautioning you about opening the file.  We would like to reassure you that we do not send malicious files under any circumstances.

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